General description and context

The ambition of the GUIDE project is to bring together the relevant stakeholders from the ecosystem of l 5G Corridors across the European Union (EU) and to help them get the maximum value from the CEF Digital programme, ensuring that future CEF Digital work programmes progressively address the actual needs of the stakeholder communities.

The Consortium aims to create a diaspore that supports the stakeholders; stimulates interest in CEF projects that improve the rollout and uptake of 5G and near 5G services across European transport paths; builds a knowledge hub that interfaces with the 5G Observatory with best practices, performance achievements and legal and regulatory solutions.  The CEF 5G Corridors projects results can also be used to empower European regulatory authorities regarding achieving universal coverage even in cases where the market forces are not sufficient on their own.


Overall objective


The GUIDE project will support progress monitoring on the deployment progress of the projects towards their goals and the goals of the CEF Digital 5G Corridors   topic as a whole. This support will also be used to assist performance evaluation and to share solutions and support projects cooperation towards consistent and cost-effective implementations across the EU.

The Guide project is focused on activities within the first period of the CEF Digital work programme for projects running from early 2023 to early 2025. In close cooperation with the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) and the 5G Automotive Association (5G AAA), this action will support the overall stakeholder engagement (especially mobile network operators, operators deploying infrastructure and associated facilities such as tower companies, telecom backhaul operators, road operators, rail infrastructure managers, automotive manufacturers, and mobility service providers) and their networking.

The GUIDE project will provide some of the essential organisation and operational infrastructure that will allow the active CEF 5GCorridors project community to communicate and collaborate smoothly and efficiently, even when the number of running projects in the programme grows large.  The GUIDE project will do this in active collaboration with the other CEF Digital Coordination and support action, 5GINTEGRA, to ensure that consistent and complementary approaches to community support and communications are achieved.

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